Wednesday, August 16, 2017

GLOBAZA USB Rechargeable Ultra-compact Power Portable Screwdriver

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This is a pretty impressive screwdriver! It is super powerful and super compact. It has a pretty powerful light also, so you can see to work very comfortably. It can go forward AND reverse. You can also not do either and just use it without the power. It fits super comfortable in the hand and would be great for teens, adults and seniors. The charge time is about 60 minutes and you can use it up to 90 minutes. It comes with everything you need! No need for batteries. It is very easy to charge. It also comes with a strap, you can see it in the video, to make it easy to carry around. You will be impressed with just how much power this little thing has!! 280 RPM and battery is Li-Polymer 3.7v 1,000mAh. Lastly, it comes with all the bits you will need, which I also posted so you can see them.

I have received this item for my review and have found it to be quite great! The positives are that it is super strong, the battery lasts long, you can even fit it in your pocket, the sleek look of it, how you can carry it around, that you don't need batteries, the price for the quality is really nice, the actual quality of the product is manufactured very nicely. that they also make a different color if you don't like this color and that you can use Prime Shipping on Amazon to purchase it and get it in two business days. I have included the video above to show you just how well it works. I have also taken a pic of the bits that are included. You can see, there are so many sizes that it looks like it can fit for any job you might have. You will also be able to see just how well it does light up with the super bright light. The actual weight is also nice, for the power it puts out, you would thin that it should weigh a lot more. Finally, it is easy to get into smaller places, because it is actually shorter than a lot of screwdrivers.

If you are on the market for a rechargeable screwdriver or wanting to buy one as a gift, this is the perfect one. Also, see pictures below.

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