Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Himalayan Light Salt Crystal Lamp

You Can Buy HERE:

This is an AMAZING lamp! It has a dimmer so you can have it light up very softly or pretty light. I took a picture of all sides so you can see how unique it is. Whether the lamp is on or off, it looks like a beautiful piece of art work. It is.... Stunning! It also comes with an extra bulb. As you can see, Titus loves it too! Himalayan Light Salt Crystal Lamps have been knows to be very helpful with air purification, improved relief from allergies, deeper sleep at night, and heightened mood & concentration. I also love how each one is different. Your lamp with be equally as beautiful but still different. You will be the only person in the entire world with that specific salt lamp! That's pretty cool! ( it also came shipped nice, plastic was surrounding the lamp to protect the salt. I'm very impressed and love it!)

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