Thursday, May 11, 2017

Hammond 500 Pink Smart Bike by Hammond e-bike Technology LLC
This is the first electric bike that can fold and it's full of tech gadgets!! Check it out!
The Hammond 500 is a 26.5 inch fully loaded, folding smart bike with a 500 watt rear hub motor. Save 45% from MSRP of $2,320! So, now $1600! You become a preferred family member. Your name will go in database to receive virtual birthday cards and virtual holiday cards by email every year we are in business.
Item Included:
. Thank you
. Wi-Fi video camera sunglasses
. Custom bike bag
. Cell phone holder/ mini bag
Perk also includes:
Thank You, Custom bike bag, Cell phone holder/mini bag, X5 Touch screen bike computer, Interphone Bluetooth speakers, GPS Tracker, The Hammond 500 e-Bike, Wireless rear lights, 35% off* preferred member*

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