Sunday, January 1, 2017

Sterline Counter Top Water Flosser #Sterline #TheBetterBasics

Sterline Counter Top Water Flosser with Six Interchangeable Nozzles, 10 Water Pressure Settings, and a 600ml Capacity

This is an AMAZING Water Flosser!!

Check it out here: Click HERE To BUY!

I have personally tried a lot of different water flossers, but I have to say, this one works even better than a lot more expensive brands that I have tried. The size is nice and makes it easy to fit anywhere in the bathroom.

The benefits of this product are as follows:

It has a nozzle case for storage up to 4 piece of tips.

The high volume water tank can hold 600ml of water.

The handle attracts to the unit by magnet and makes it very easy to use.

It does include 4 kinds of nozzles.

Water flow on/off switch.

The water pipe is pretty long and is 100cm.

My very favorite feature is that you can change the water pressure! It has a total of 10 different pressure settings. This is good because you might and probably will want to use different pressures.

This unit is made of super quality. You would think they way it works, the quality of the actual container, the nozzles, the power, that this would cost quite a lot more. If you are on the market for one. I really don't think you will be able to find one at this price that could possibly work better. I have also added some photos that will show you what it looks like when you receive it. If you do have braces, there is no way that string floss can work like this. It does have auto shut off after two minute cycle. That is also one of my favorite features because you do not have to time how long you have been flossing. The water pulse is pretty impressive! It has a powerful pulsation with 1400 per MINUTE! It is pretty quite. The multi-function handle allows 360 degrees rotation making it easy to get every part of your mouth. It has a worldwide voltage of (100-240V)

I honestly have absolutely nothing negative to say about it. Some might think that because it is "wired" but charging the wireless ones is a pain and it unexpectedly can need charged and you can't floss. So, the fact that it has the water pipe and uses a plug is a plus for me.

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