Friday, December 11, 2015

Vigor Fitness Premium Massage Stick Roller

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The very first thing I noticed when opening this is the super high quality. The size is good too. It can easily fit in your gym bag and easy to store. It has grippers on the handles making it very easy to massage. It is super sturdy. It has a strap on the end for easy carrying. I love the colors.

This is definitely not your regular massage roller. It is a high quality premium one. If you work out or have muscle pains, this is a must have.

This roller says that it is used to:

Accelerates recovery time Releases lactic acid from muscle tissue- decreases soreness Increases strength endurance and flexibility Promotes better sleep and blood circulation Prevent injuries and decrease muscle pain Decrease muscle tension stiffness and knots Use it to warm up and cool down Feels great

And they are absolutely correct. It goes above and beyond my expectations. If you are on the market or wanting to gift a massage stick roller, this is the one you will want.

I received this product for my honest and unbiased opinion. In my opinion, this is awesome!

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