Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Que Heads® Silicone Cooking & Grilling Gloves - Set of 2 #QueHeads

Click HERE to Buy These Gloves These work great! I was glad there were two of them. You can handle hot or cold items with them. I had to get a lot of ice out of the ice chest and usually it is pretty painful but when I used these. I didn't feel the cold. Also, my hands didn't get we because they are waterproof. For cooking, I use these for both outdoor and indoor. They have little grippers so nothing slips out of your hands. Because it is shaped like a glove, it is easy to maneuver pots, pans and food. When grabbing items form the oven, it really does work! You can't feel the heat at all. They are very impressive. I received this product for my honest and unbiased opinion. They work GREAT!

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