Friday, December 18, 2015

My Christmas Wish Is For Them To Build A Church @SKJERUS

Hi, this is a personal post.
I went to church last week and there was a guest speaker,Steven Khoury . He is a pastor from Jerusalem. He spoke of the difficulties of being Christian there and all that he himself and others have endured. It was to say the very least, heart wrenching. No one should live in any fear at all for their beliefs and wanting a place to worship.

So, I wanted to please say, I don't need anything for Christmas. I have every single thing a person could ask for. I wish with all my heart that if you are reading this you make at least just a one time payment to them.

All of the churches they had, have been taken away but they have an opportunity to buy one that no one can take away.


Their donation page:CLICK HERE TO DONATE

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