Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Ozeri OW05A Prestige Electric Wine Bottle Opener with Aerating Pourer and Foil Cutter

Click HERE To Buy This AWESOME Wine Bottle Opener By Ozeri

This is such a great wine bottle opener.It works GREAT! The quality is great. I honestly can't believe how impressive it is for the cost. Makes is so much easier to open and actually fun too. The material is soft when you hold it. It makes is easy to grip it. The charge last a long long time. It looks so nice, you can leave it on the counter all the time. It literally takes seconds to open up the bottle. As a bonus, it also comes with an aerating pourer and compact foil cutter. Both of which are super nice too. It isn't heavy at all. It is smooth and classy looking. Would make a wonderful gift. Every single time I have opened up a bottle, they corks have never broke. They came out perfect. I am so very pleased with it. I really didn't think for the cost that it would be this amazing and work so impressively.

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