Sunday, October 25, 2015

Midori Spring Organic Ceremonial Matcha - Gold Class - Premium Japanese Green Tea Matcha Powder

Click HERE to Buy! I have never tried this tea before and I was kinda blown away. It is packed full of flavor. Smooth tasting. It makes you feel relaxed and just overall better. I seen that a lot of people don't drink it with anything in it like sweeteners or milk but I did like mine with sugar. The color is brilliant and bright. You can just look at it and see the superior quality! It comes in a very nice container that seem like it is very air tight with the instructions right on the side of it. You literally mix it with warm water and it's ready! Super easy and super quick. It has so many wonderful health benefits but even if it didn't, the flavor is so yummy. Finally, I love the fact that it is organic, vegetarian/ vegan friendly. I received this product to try and review for my honest and unbiased opinion. In my honest opinion, I think you will really enjoy it!

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